I no longer feel that I want to represent myself as a designer. Though I’m grateful for all what I learned from this career and all the spotlights I received, it’s no longer fulfilling my creative orientation as a person. All products I created were commercial and has no depth or philosophical meaning that serves my perspective of life.

Therefore, I aim to archive my previous work and start a new one where I can publish writings, studies, journals, and other creative endeavors.

My previous work was mostly contains an attempts to get some cash and to create an identity to represent myself socially among my peers.

I do realize that my interests are nowhere near where the culture is headed. I’m more interested in the philosophy of life and what it means to have a biological experience.

I will continue to work to survive in the capitalist work, and I will work on design projects as well. But this will no longer hold any affect on my overall target in life.

The influence of information

I do realize that my interests are affected by the information I receive wether in a conversation or in the daily scrolls of the digital world. But I got to differentiate between appreciation and interests.

Things I appreciate shouldn’t divert my attention from what I intend to be.

I can appreciate art without being an artist, and I can appreciate food without being a cook.