Meditations: Minimal Starts

Before you start to make assumptions, this is not a metaphor for my new year resolutions, nor an awakening into a new method of life. It’s simply a literal attempt to describe my step beyond the loaded years I’ve been through.

During the process of creating this website, I created two folders.


I spent three days only to collect various resources, such as my previous work to provide the foundations to my claims being a designer. I obsessed on the details of each individual work I’ve done, believing those resources will perfect the recipe of the website.

I asked myself when I looked in the mirror after a long nighty session: “Does my previous work still represent my current state of mind?”.

I digested two realizations:

I concluded that I no longer need to give them another chance to be part of my new path. I’m better off without them. There was times when I was saturated and proud of my creations, now most of them are expired and no longer valuable, to me at least. Not to mention the need to detach myself from my previous thinking and believes.

Minimal start, is an invitation to move forward to the vast horizon of new ideas and new possibilities, an invitation to reinvent oneself, to shed whatever is taking you down.