Confessions of a designer

Well, I guess my website is finally finished phew, and I’m ready now to take it further.

Before I take it further, I carefully studied all the materials I presented previously on this website, from writings to work. I was tempted to delete lots of stuff and start over, but I figured no matter what I disliked from my old content, I’m gonna keep it around as a sign of progress and growth.

I like to be vulnerable to judgement, and vulnerability open windows to conversations and growth.

So, now again my website is ready, and I’m will commit no further major modification in the general layout or the color scheme. As simple as it is now, I struggled a lot with the backend with problems that are related to the cloud and the local development. Now I have no courage to back at it again.

Now again, my website is ready. My next move is to redesign my projects, because I was lazy when I designed their presentations (that’s the confession part of the title).

Most of my work presented in this website has plenty of potential to be presented digitally in a better quality, as well as adding some textual context to backup the ideas behind them.

After that, I’m going to create more channels to get some exposure in the creative field. What I published and will publish here will be available in Behance as well.

I’ve never promoted myself professionally, all my work is being advertised by word of mouths. I’m kinda confused on how to get it done by myself through professional channels, but I guess I have to throw myself to the sharks and learn how to swim there.