Meditations: On Being Lost


Lost. This is how I prefer to start this writing. I’m not lost in a sense that I don’t know where to go or where I am headed. I’m lost in the hows of getting there. Since I refreshed after a regular afternoon snooze, I’ve been in the forest of ideas, hunting for old concepts, discovering new type of thoughts and chasing the reflected lights of a shattered unused projects. Nothing seem to caught my attention, all what I see now is fragments of elements I created or sketched for future projects. Which I tend to ignore for obvious reasons: outdated, boring, and gives no value.

Being lost is good, gives you time to stop and think before you take the next step. It’s more like a limbo, in between an old state of mind and the beginning of a better way of thinking. This writing will not solve anything. It’s only a preview of a path that we all must go through.