I do tend to write and publish impulsively. Sometimes I write personal reflections, other times I post ideas and inspirations.

13.02.20  On The Meaning Of Doing
There is no meaning in anything, therefore you are invited to create your own meanings in any shape or form you want, and no one has the right to set the rules or guidelines for this but yourself.
03.02.20  Confessions of a designer (Or: What's next?)
I like to be vulnerable to judgement, and vulnerability open windows to conversations and growth.
01.02.20  Shower Thoughts
I can appreciate art without being an artist, and I can appreciate food without being a cook.
19.12.19  The Existential Cafe
In whenever timeline of humanity, there was the beautiful, the smart, the pathetic, and there was someone like me who sits hidden among people and write observations.
19.05.16  Meditations: Airport
Those strangers who you consider only a moving part of the landscape, are actually your own reflection, your thoughts, your memories.
03.02.16  Dear Stranger
"I don’t know who you’re, I’m eager and curious to meet you, to give you a definition in my life. I’m eager to discuss life with you, or walk down the street drunk at night with you."
26.01.16  Meditations: Minimal Starts
Minimal start, is an invitation to move forward to the vast horizon of new ideas and new possibilities.
27.12.15  Meditations: On Being Lost
"It’s more like a limbo, in between an old state of mind and the beginning of a better way of thinking."